Have The Strength & Confidence To Conquer Physical & Mental Barriers In Your Life with the


...Even If You Think You're Not Fit Enough Right Now..

My programs are for people who are sick of sitting on the sidelines, they want to lead a more active lifestyle but just can't get results on their own or want to take their results to the next level!

With a huge focus on accountability and support. I make sure no client is left behind, using psychological principles and social herd dynamics, every aspect of my program is engineered to guarantee your success.

And if you don't get results with my program, I'LL REFUND YOUR MONEY!


Nicky Leitch

Nicky came away with 2 x Spartan age category podium medals!!

My customised online training programs include everything you need to achieve your goals, with a huge emphasis on support and accountability, I make sure no-one is left behind in their fitness journey!

How It Works:

This program is structured using psychological principles to obtain the best results. If you have tried other options before and failed, I guarantee success with this program!

Healthy Eating


Personalised Training Program with Videos



  • An initial Phone consultation and fitness test to allow me to assist you in identifying any potential limiting factors outside of your training.
  • Custom program set at your strength levels and customised to your goals. Delivered through my One Moore Rep App including videos for every exercise.
  • Fit tests every 4 weeks including measurements + photos to track progression
  • Nutrition guidelines and support for body composition changes.
  • Weekly check-ins by phone, message and email support .
  • Access to my closed client group for additional education and content and support
  • Access to my full obstacle tutorial library
  • Full access to my accountability coach
  • 24/7 Messaging support for answers when you need them!






Tanya Urquhart

Tanya ended up getting a podium finish in the 12hr Raw Challenge Enduro!!

One of the tutorials from the One Moore Rep library!

"I have seen so many people's view change on fitness and what their limitations are after just one race.

Let me help you change your life..."



After my mate convinced me to run my first Spartan Sprint a few years back, I was instantly hooked!

Since then I have run events all over Australia, from Spartan Trifecta weekends to top ten finishes in 12hr enduros, 100km at the 24hr OCR World Championships, Marathons and more.

When you run up to an obstacle that you think you can't get over and then you find a way to manage it, it is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have.

As a trainer I have become addicted to getting people to push outside their comfort zones, to get them to achieve the unachievable. Seeing the growth in my clients as a result of this is why I do what I do!


This led me to create this program with what I have learnt I'm now trying to make these events more accessible to everyone to help others realise their potential!

Now I run in every single OCR event I can get to and constantly find new ways to push my body to it's limits!

Maddi Tootell

Maddi ran her very first Spartan Race with me, something she never thought she could accomplish. It won't be her last!

Frequent Concerns..

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What if I don't want to do an obstacle race (yet)?

I have an injury/weakness, can I do your program?

That's totally fine. Not everyone has to do an obstacle race. The OCR is a vehicle but what I am really trying to do with my coaching programs is to help you overcome your limitations, build confidence and belief, and achieve much more success across all parts of your life. If you want to do THAT, you're going to fit in just fine around here.

Yes you can. At the very beginning we get on a call and discuss any physical limitations like injuries. The program is bespoke to your needs and goals, so we will work around injuries to strengthen and build up your body to heal and remain as injury-proof as possible going forwards.

I just don't think I'm fit enough for this?

That's a really common thing I hear and I totally get it. I want to reassure you that no matter the level you're at now, we can help you to move forwards. 

Even if you're not as fit as you used to be, or would like to be, I guarantee that you will meet and exceed your fitness goals on this program. You don't need to struggle alone, we're here to help you achieve your goals - no matter where you start from.

I'd love to build more strength & confidence but I feel a little intimidated right now...

I understand that. I know the obstacle race can look intimidating. If you're not ready for that yet, it is totally cool - we can start where you're comfortable and begin to build your confidence up from there. Maybe one day you will want to conquer and obstacle race, or maybe you'll be content to just be fitter, stronger, and more confident.

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